Why do my SMS messages still say unread?

I'm using Message+ on my Pixel 2, my Huawei Watch 2 and on my MacOS laptop.  They're both signed into the same account.  Messages and contacts sync, but if I read a message on my phone it still appears unread on BOTH the desktop.  If I read a message on my desktop, my phone still thinks it's unread.  My watch app stays in sync with my phone.  This is frustrating because it means my watch buzzes every time I get a text message, even if I've already read and responded to it on my computer.

Any help for this?  I've tried installing/uninstalling on both my desktop and phone.  Message+ is my default app and the only other text messaging app is the stock google one, which came with the phone and can't be removed.

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Re: Why do my SMS messages still say unread?
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Lauyee18, being able to manage your messages is a must. We understand the importance of keeping your device in sync. The Message+ syncs your messages to other device. It does not sync whether it has been read on another device. It would need to be check on both devices. We appreciate your feedback regarding this design. We are always trying to enhance this unique feature for a better overall experience.



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