Why is Messages+ terrible?
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I mean really... I installed Messages+ so that I could read and send texts via PC.  It worked great for a month or so.  Then it started providing audible and/or vibration notifications even when my S7 was set to "Do Not Disturb," and even though the settings were clearly set to prevent that from happening.  After a few months of doing that, it worked fine for a month of so.  Now it NEVER sends me audible and/or vibration notifications when messages arrive, even when it should.  Why can't Verizon get it right?

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Re: Why is Messages+ terrible?
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We want to be sure your messages + service is working the way it should MGear89. I understand how it can be concerning to have multiple issues. When did this latest issue begin? Are you having trouble with notifications for any other apps on the device?


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