Why is customer service horrible?

Every time I call Customer Service, I get told to [removed] "fix my own [removed]phone." Aside from my business paying a lot of money for our service, we rarely ever have to use support for our devices but whenever we do, like recently, I get told to fix my own [removed]phone?

The amount of unprofessionalism I've exhibited by Verizon employees is absolutely atrocious. I'm not the only one, I've witnessed aggressive sales tactics such as misleading and falsifying information to close a sale with their customers.

What's worse is I can never get into contact with anybody in higher ups to report these issues. I just have to speak with someone on the bottom who can "assist in providing solutions."

What a joke.

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Re: Why is customer service horrible?
Customer Service Rep

Hello, jcrenfal, I am so sorry you have had anything but stellar service, but I thank you for giving feedback here, because I will be able to resolve your concerns and ensure that you have nothing but positive experiences going forward. I need to gather more information so I have sent a Private message to discuss what we can do to make sure all your needs are addressed.


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Re: Why is customer service horrible?

l called Consumer Services in South Carolina regarding a problem with a misrepresentation of what I was getting from a Verizon consultant.  Her name was Torry, and she stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour!  She also made a number of other phone calls during our conversation.  I have never had a problem addressed as tenaciously as Torry.  She saved me!  I definitely would recommend her if you have a consumer problem.  She's the best!