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Win10 M+ desktop app contacts access solved

The issue of the Win10 M+ desktop app v3.0.1 access to Contacts has been solved for me.  I did some research on updating contacts on Windows 10 and found that the default People app on Win10 needed a new account pointing to my Google mail account.  I'm not sure exactly why, but after adding this new account and restarting Message+,  the desktop app no longer shows ONLY numbers, but now my contact names. Woohoo!   It still doesn't show the contact pictures as shown on my phone AND in the Win10 People app, but what the heck.  That's another problem for another day.

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
Re: Win10 M+ desktop app contacts access solved

WOW.  Like many, I've been using Message+ on Android phone and Win10 for a number of years -- not a great app (three stars?).   One of the issues with Message+ was it's unintuitive ways to access things.  Then I was forced -- literally quit working -- to upgrade my desktop (Win10) version.  The new version is slightly more intuitive ["slightly," as in, "we didn't really learn or do very much over the past 3-4 years"], but does not import names from the old Message+ app on upgrade...  I recognize that the programmers probably wanted to better integrate their standalone contact list with Outlook or Google contacts, etc. [great idea!], but shouldn't that be an option on upgrade?  It feels like this app (and upgrade routines) was done by some junior high school programmers...  I've probably lost 200+ links between phone numbers and names; most of my holidays will be spent going message by message and trying to figure out who the mystery number is based on past conversations.  I had other plans for the holidays...

Re: Win10 M+ desktop app contacts access solved

 Does anyone have the link for the VZM Desktop M+ version 3.0.1. I recently had to change my hard drive and can't find it anywhere.


Re: Win10 M+ desktop app contacts access solved

I had given up. Using Your Phone instead of Message+

Although I went ahead and added the People Account as suggested. It seems all the names have showed up.

I do not get push notification all the time however.