attachments/pictures on text messages...not showing

Ever since I updated my messenger+ (red one) when I send a photo to someone in a text message, it simply says "1 attachment" on my text message --- it used to actually SHOW the photo I was sending to someone.  As soon as I send it, the pictures show up in the sent messages and they go through to the recipient.  It helps to make sure I have selected the right picture(s) and that's why I liked them showing up on my text message as a small thumbnail....
I tried to check settings but couldn't see anything for it.

Any help would be appreciated -- Thanks!!

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Re: attachments/pictures on text messages...not showing
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That thumbnail certainly helps prevent you from sending the incorrect picture, bybs54. Let's make sure it works properly. When you select the plus sign to add a picture to your message, are there any pictures displaying properly as a thumbnail? If so, are there differences with how these pictures are saved in your gallery? What device do you have?



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