cannot retrieve voicemail remotely when mailbox is full

I followed the instructions to remotely retrieve voicemail (dial mobile#, enter # during the greeting message) but my problem appears to be that since my mailbox is full, I don't get my greeting. After dialing my cell# I get an announcement "the mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time. Goodbye" and the call ends.  I tried entering a # during that announcement but it doesn't let me into my mailbox.  Do you have a suggestion? I want to empty my mailbox remotely.

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Re: cannot retrieve voicemail remotely when mailbox is full
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CMAEMCC, we understand how important it is to retrieve your voicemail while being away from your phone.  Allow us to go over the details. Can you  let us know what happened to your device for why you may need to retrieve your voicemail remotely? Also, you have followed the proper steps to try and retrieve your voicemail by dialing your mobile number from another device. We unfortunately do not another way for you to retrieve your voicemail considering that your mailbox is full and your phone does not allow you to proceed to the next step.  Please view this link for additional details


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