financed phone and selling

hi i am  financing my phone  recently started with phone so phone new. I want to sell the phone to a company then in a few months when i have all the money pay the phone off.Are these companies online legit?  Can you tell me if i can do this , how to do this. The correct way with out having any problems and doing this the correct way.

Re: financed phone and selling
Customer Service Rep



Selling devices after you've used them is common and you are right to want to do it the right way.


I have to advise that if you sell a device that still has a balance owed, it may not be able to be activated on another Verizon account. However, as long as the device has been active for more than 60 days on your Verizon account and the payments remain in good standing, there would not be a problem activating on another carrier.


You can review our complete unlocking policy here: Does this help?