have to send text 2-3 times before it's truly sent

so here's the deal. this started last night (11/21/12) at about 6pm, i have to send my text message 2-3 times before it actually gets sent out for real.

this is on my incredible 2, android 2.3.x

issue when using either stock SMS app, or GO SMS app. (not app specific issue)

already did both *228 option 2 and *228 option 1.

battery pull.

cleared out all text messages.

even factory reset.

not to mention also the fact i barely have a signal at my house (despite it's smack in the middle of chandler where there should be amazing coverage according to the coverage map) getting a signal strength of about -105dbm to -95dbm. usually have to make a call just to get text messages to come through.

anyone else having sudden issues with sending/receiving text messages?

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