how to block all AIM text messages to cell phone
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Hi folks,

I was woken up by an AIM text message (obviously spam) on my phone around 6:30am this morning. I received two more text spam between 6:30am and 7:15am until I put my phone into "Standalone mode" so I could go back to sleep. Each text message was from a different 6-digit phone number or 6-digit code, so blocking one number would not help. When I got out of bed and turned my phone back on, I was still receiving more AIM text messages (also obviously spam) to check out a certain URL.

I have an older prepaid plan. So when I log into My Verizon and look for the spam controls, I don't have any.

I found a way to turn off ALL AIM text messages. I found this site:


Manage Your Mobile Privacy

It has a link called:

Block texts if you are not an AIM user

You enter your cell phone number into this page, you get a confirmation number via text message on your cell phone, you enter this 4-digit confirmation number (located at the end of the text message) into this web page, and click "Disable Messages". It says:

Pressing this button will disable all text messages coming from AOL® and AIM® Services to your phone.

Once you click that button, a little pop-up window will appear that says:

The page at says:

SMS to your device successfully blocked.

with an OK button.

I hope it works! It looks like it will work for all cell phones, not just Verizon. So far my phone has been quiet for the past hour and 15 minutes, I am not getting any more AIM text messages....

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