how to transfer pics to mac


I have a HTC droid incredible and I'm getting a new phone so  want to take off all of my pictures and contacts. For some reason when I plug my phone into my computer (macbook) it doesn't want to connect to it.. it gives me the option to ignore or eject??

Same thing with the backup assistant with transfering the contacts so I don't know how to do it.

Help me please!!



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Re: how to transfer pics to mac
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Sestepp, I understand why you would want to back up all your pictures and contacts. First, what type of new phone are you getting? If that phone also has an SD card, you can transfer your pics via the SD card. The HTC Incredible is not compatible with Mac computers, which is why the computer is not recognizing the phone. When you connect the phone, does anything show on the phone that it is connected to the computer? If your computer has a built in card reader, you can connect your card to the computer via an SD card adapter. You can also use a card reader to transfer the files from the card to the computer. 


Also, Backup Assistant is completed directly on the phone. Here are steps for setting up Backup Assistant on the phone, and you can login to My Verizon to view your contacts.