iPhone 4S cannot send or receive MMS messages

So this is very frustrating. Both mine and my sister's iPhone 4S cannot send or receive MMS messages. We should definitely be able to do so, because our accounts have unlimited texts.

Group chats, pictures messages, we can never send or receive any of them. The iPhone simply tries to send for a long time, and then eventually gives up and says message was not delivered.

And yes, MMS Messaging and Group Messaging are turned on in the iPhone settings. I have called support and taken the phone in to my local Verizon store, and both the representatives have been unable to help solve this problem. They have only just told me to reset my iPhone, or reset my cellular settings, both of which have not helped solve the problem at all.

I believe this is a problem with our Verizon accounts, because it has happened ever since we were on our last phone, the iPhone 3GS.

Can someone please check our account and see why our phones are not able to send or receive MMS messages??? It has been a great annoyance to us.

Please let me know if you need any more information,


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