iPhone sending text to LG enV3 - making phone inoperable


My friend has a new iphone, and when sending me a text message, it would show up on my phone as [object].  I could not open it; when I did, the phone would cycle as if powering on (with Verizon startup screen) & then go to the main menu.


Then, about every 15-20 seconds, it would show another message coming in from her (she was not sending anymore), & these pseudo-messages would just keep coming in.  If I tried to make a call while this was happening, it would disconnect, do the Verizon screen, and return to the main menu. 


To make it stop, I had to power down the phone, log into Verizon and block her phone number, and remove her from my contacts list.


My friend went into her phone and disabled iMessaging.  She was then able to send a message to me without my phone having a problem (after I unblocked her, of course).  I'm glad this works, but it is disturbing to me that someone could essentially disable my phone by sending a text message via an iPhone.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I get it if I cannot receive a message in a certain format (like iMessage), but is there something I can set on my phone that would prevent it from being disabled like this from an incoming message?


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That's quite a mystery galady99. Your friend's new iPhone would not affect the functions of your phone, even if the Messages are affected it. Was she sending a picture message or MMS? Do you have old message threads? If you do, please clear them to make sure you have enough memory. Did you at any point have an iPhone?

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