international calls and texting sept2012

is it just me or didnt verizon used to have an option where you could block international calling?? i could've sworn they did! i have 2 adtnl lines, i remember one of them was blocked! now they can text from them. did they take that option off all together?? so many things have changed i dont even know anymore? does anyone know? please let me know, thoughts or comments?

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I know how annoying unwanted calls can be, catracha27! I will do all I can to stop them from reaching your phone! You have the option to block international calls with a maximum 10 digits. Please check out the details.. Please let me know if you need additional assistance.


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By international do you mean Canada?

I know that international text CANNOT be blocked unless you block just a few numbers or block ALL messaging. Verizon can EASILY put a system in place to do this, but this is Verizon's (as well as other major carriers) illegal revenue stream so you will have to deal with it.

For int'l calling, typically calls to Canada (long distance) CANNOT be blocked - another illegal revenue stream for Verizon (like 411 directory calls), so the only option you have is to block individual numbers or just don't make calls to Canada.