iphone text messages coming to 2 phones

My text messages are coming to my phone and my daughter's phone.  How do I stop that.  Her messages are not coming to mine.  Have gone into itunes and phone settings and being so tech unsavy I can't figure out how this got screwed up. We both are on the same itunes account and this happened when I upgraded to a new phone.

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Yikes! Lets stop those messages mjackson90. You would need to create a new iTunes account for your line. Each phone should have its own iTunes account. If you turn off iMessaging via settings > messages > iMessage, this will also stop the messages to go to both devices. These messages will come in as text messages to each number intended. On one of the devices, go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > select the Apple ID and then sign out to add the new iTunes account. To creat a new iTunes account go to iTunes.com to create a new ID.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.

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mjackson90 wrote:

.... We both are on the same itunes account ...

Each phone should have it's own iTunes account.