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lg octane text problems

my sons phone decided to not receive or send text since yesterday. tried pulling the battery, using 228, and then he took it to verizone store. the phone was cleared at the store he emptyed the phone,but he gets a message that says in box is full. Any ideas as to what try next?

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Re: lg octane text problems
Customer Support


Good morning! I want to get these messaging services working again for you and your son. First, I recommend checking the memory status by going to Settings & Tools> Memory> Phone Memory> Memory Usage. This will display the total usage and total available. Are there any messages locked and saved under 'Messaging' even once the device was cleared out at the store? I also want to clarify if information was just removed from the phone, or a total restore was completed? I would like you to go under Settings & Tools> Phone Settings> Security>LOCK CODE> Reset Default> LOCK CODE> Revert. This caused the default settings to return to factory settings but will not remove personal information from the phone. Once the phone is back on, please try to send/receive text messages again. Please advise if this continues or is fixed so I can assist further.

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