message sent to verizon's smtp to sms gateway not being accepted.
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I have a system that sends notifications to volunteer firefighters when they are called out for an emergency (a fire, car accident, whatever).

The system uses the 10 digit number plus   -- It has worked fairly well since 2005.

Right now, almost every message is being rejected at least once by ""  It simply isn't responding at all,.

If you contact me, I can provide the IP that our server uses to send the messages -- but I don't want to post that publically.

I can tell you that the sending server has proper SPF records and reverse dns configured, and has no trouble sending to other carriers like AT&T and TMobile.

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Thanks for reaching us, we understand this situation and, we will be sending you a private message, so we can address this concern properly. Verizon is always here to help you.