message to {phone number} failed: network problem.

I am receiving this message only when I send a text to another phone on my plan. This phone can send texts but not receive.

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Re: message to {phone number} failed: network problem.
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Being able to send & receive text messages is a must! How long has this been occurring? Is it a new issue or one that has been going on a while? How is everything with calls & data?

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Re: message to {phone number} failed: network problem.

I had this same issue starting about 8 weeks ago.  I chatted with Verizon support twice.  The first time the agent just held the party line. The second time was much more productive.  To review:

  • I often receive this text message when sending messages to some numbers but not others:  “Message to ###-###-#### failed. Network problem.”
  • After some analysis on my own I learned that this problem happens only when I send messages to Verizon customers and only when the character count exceeds ~160.

During my second chat, the agent had me power off my phone so he could “update (my) text provisioning.”

After that my messages started going through without incident all weekend long, regardless of length.  Today, however, it has returned.

Now I can't get to a chat session for some reason.  After I sign in I have no option to open a chat.

I wonder if they flagged my account to not allow me that option and removed the fix.  I know it sounds a little conspiratorial but this is annoying.