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new text messaging plan?

So I just switched my plan to unlimited texting. But it is in the middle of the month. So does unlimited texting start right now? or does it have to wait until this month is up?

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Re: new text messaging plan?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Which option  did you choose when you switched?  If you switched online, you were given a choice to apply immediately, or backdate to the beginning of the cycle, or start it on the next billing cycle.

If you chose to apply immediately, then your texting for the first part of the billing cycle will be prorated and you may have overages.  You said you were in the "middle of the month", so that would mean you would only be allowed half your normal text messages for the first part of the billing cycle.  If you BACKDATED the change, then unlimited would apply to the whole cycle. And if you forward date it, then the unlimited would kick in  for your next cycle.

If you are unsure, call customer service back to see when the unlimited option takes effect.