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I need to use the online tool ( as well the app on my phone (Android Messages).  How come they are NEVER in synch?  The messages I send in the online tool dont even show up on my phone. This is ridiculous. I dont want to have to use that ugly, slow, memory hog Verizon Messaging app. Stop [removed] people over Verizon

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TOUT.PRET, I want to ensure you're able to sync your messages across your smartphone and Verizon Messages online. I myself understand the importance of ensuring everything is synced properly. Just to confirm with the website provided, is this link for Verizon Messages online? What is the make and model of the phone you are using? Keep in mind that your text messages cannot be synced nor will they sync properly if you are using the native texting application or any other 3rd party messaging application on your phone. For "Integrated Messages" to work properly and sync across your devices, you must use the Verizon Messages application.


You can learn more about how Verizon Messages and syncing across devices works at the link below. Please reference "Syncing Messages Across Devices." I hope this helps clear up the details going forward on any compatibility concerns.



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