ongoing text problem

Starting to get frustrated. Last year my wife started having a problem with her original Droid stating it hadn't sent a text message when it actually had which eventually progressed into not receiving all the texts sent to her. We have spent days on the phone with support and have went through factory reset after reset to eventually getting a replacement phone and nothing worked. Verizon tech support's answer was to go with a 3rd party texting no why would we let them access everything at anytime? Not a good answer and not very professional in my opinion. My wife decided to live with it for a few months knowing she'd be upgrading. So low and behold we get her a new iPhone 4s and now it's sending multiple text messages of every text and it's telling her they're not being sent. To top it off the last few weeks my Droid is starting to state it's not sending texts and I hadn't had a problem up to this point and my son on our family plan (iPhone 4) has had not issues. Anyone have any suggestions?

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