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Can someone explain to me why I am billed a month in advance, (this is what i was told), for upgrading a smart phone on my plan?  does this mean i will not be charged the next month?  if I am charged the next month aren't I being double billed for this upgraded line?  Since I can't get through to customer support as their chat has been down all day and i can not e mail my question to anyone and I can not tie up my work phone during the day how am I supposed to get any answers? I truly believe Verizon probably has the best service out there but their customer service is horrible.  I am tied of getting nickle and dimed by Verizon.  When this contract is up, I am moving on.

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If you look at the dates for the charges on your bills you'll notice you've always been billed a month in advance - they were probably just explaining what your next bill would look like and used the term.  Your due date however is 5 days before the time period ends you were charged for. So you're INVOICED a month in advance but it's not due until the service is used.