"Insufficient Fund for message delivery"?

I first recieved this message twice on the night of the 24th, the night before my bill was due. I had only used 250 mbs of the 2 gbs of data I was allowed . I then payed $40 the next day and for one day my phone worked fine. then yesturday on the 26th I was not able to use the data at all, I could text for a little while then suddenly started getting "Insufficient Fund for message delivery" along with my texts not sending. I have gotten around 30 of those messages. I tried calling customer support but when I enter in my phone number they say something along the lines of "sorry, there appears to be a problem." thn hang up on me.

How do I fix this????

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Re: "Insufficient Fund for message delivery"?
Customer Service Rep


Sorry to hear about the error with your text messages! Let's clear these up. Which make/model device is this on? Is this on postpay or prepaid service? Which zip code are you in?

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