"You've got a PIX or FLIX message! To see it, visit..."
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On my Droid Charge, for a year and a half pictures in a message came through just fine, and I could send pictures as an attachment, no problem.

Starting several months ago, I can no longer send pictures, and when one is incoming I get the  "You've got a PIX or FLIX message!  To see it, visit..." .

I go there, it makes me sign in.  Then I get this...

Sorry, it appears you do not have an active account.
New Multimedia Messaging accounts are unable to be created
because the service is being upgraded to Backup Assistant
Plus...Verizon Wireless new cloud service.
With the Backup Assistant Plus you can....
  • Get 500 MB of cloud storage FREE.
  • An app for your mobile phone, tablet, computer and web
    (all FREE).
  • Use the web app composer to share your photos with
    friends and family.
Plus...the cloud keeps your media in sync so you can enjoy
your photos, videos and music from anywhere!
Activating your cloud takes less than a minute.
Activate FREE
Learn More

"Activate FREE Account" does nothing, closeing the pop up takes me to my account page.

Free cloud storage is already active, there is no "way out "button. <Cancel> exits, <Reset> removes changes, and <NEXT>  is grayed out.

So that's as far as I can get. nothing in your "Support" pages addressed this. The other people reporting if seem to get no real reply.

If I can't get it working by next week I'm going to a different phone company.

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Re: "You've got a PIX or FLIX message! To see it, visit..."
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I can understand why you're NotSoHappyRightNow and I'm here to help! It sounds like your account may not be provisioned correctly for picture messages. This can normally be resolved easily and doesn't involve buying a new phone and switching companies. Let's first check and few things on the phone. Reboot if you haven't already. Clear out old message threads. Try sending yourself a picture message to see if it sends and receives. If still having issues, respond to my follow request and send me a private message so that I can review your account.

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