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I have 4 phones on  my line all now Verizon as of a week ago was told service would be better well guess what it's not. it is worse. the last phone changed over has had nothing but problems from day 1   now it's not getting all or receiving all phone calls or text messages it is a Verizon Samsung an older version .

Talked with customer service several times can't seem to fix the problem there saying now it is because its an old phone it was top of the line when it came out on the market and i feel i'm getting nothing but excesses every time there's a problem    which i never had until all-tell was taken over by Verizon we have a tower 6 miles away and yet we are roaming, and for the price of my bill i am very unhappy with this service the price i was told i would pay is not even close now service on this one line is pretty much nonexistent Again it worked for a few days then the last 3 days its hit and miss. any help out there.

we have pulled battery did the 228 thing along with other things i don't even remember. verizion would call and text it would work then an hour later nothing again. What is going on. 

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Re: sending /receiving text and calls
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Your post is confusing to me - did you port your number(s) from another carrier? 

How old is the "old" phone that was "top of the line" when it came out?  What phone is it? 

Are you talking about coverage inside your home?  Are you in a hilly or rural area? 

I'm just trying to determine why the problem so recently; the Alltel/Verizon merger(?) was awhile ago....