text messages disappeared

I just got my new Stylo 6 with Android 10 and noticed that whenever I deleted messages from the server (using my PC at the Verizon website) the messages on my phone got deleted the next time I turned it on. Why is that? Is there a way to not have it delete from my phone?

With my old Stylo 2V running Android 7, I could delete messages from the server and nothing would happen to my old messages on the phone, though I still received new ones as they were sent by someone. I've had messages months old that were still on it (in fact, they're still on my old phone). How can I set the Stylo 6 to NOT erase the messages that aren't on the server anymore? There are old messages I want to keep on the phone but not have them on the server for privacy reasons.

Also, I noticed that in Message+, under Settings and Account, there's an option to Restore Messages from online (server) or SD card. My question is, how do I save messages to the SD card? I would presume since it has both options there must be a way to save them to the SD. Thanks in advance.


(this is why I hate upgrading OS on phone or PCs; sometimes "things disappear" or functions/options disappear.)

Re: text messages disappeared
Customer Service Rep

We understand the importance of keeping your messages saved on your device. With regard to the messaging service when they are deleted from your online server it will delete on your phone as well. The account is linked to your phone line which completes the same action you do on your phone. To save your messages to your SD card follow the steps provided here:


Tap on the avatar/photo ID next to a conversation; it should turn to a checkmark.  At the top left of the screen will be an X, a number, and ALL.  You can select which conversations to save by tapping the contact avatars, or tap ALL to select everything.  Then, on the top right there is a download symbol.  Tap that to download the selected messages to a file.