unable to add email account to mobile

I am trying to add my email account to my lg touch, but it's telling me "Server not found, check your details and try again." I'm assuming "details" means the Incoming Mail Server and Incoming Port (and outgoing server and port too.) Where do I get this information from?


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Re: unable to add email account to mobile
Verizon Employee

Hello msnicci,


Some emails are easier to setup than others. Common email providers such as hotmail, Yahoo!, and Gmail can easily be configured to almost any mobile device. WIth that being said, may I ask who is the provider of your email address? Also, is this a work email or a personal email that you are trying to setup? Once you have answered these questions then I can better assist you in the email setup. Another option is to contact your email service provider to obtain the details needed to setup your email on the LG EnV Touch.  Below is the information that is commonly needed to setup email on the device that requires more details.


  • POP3 or IMAP
  • Account name (Sometimes different from the email address)


  • Incoming Server
  • Username & password
  • Incoming port number
  • SSL or secure connection


  • SMTP Server
  • Username & password
  • Outgoing port number
  • SSL or secure connection


Once you have obtain this information, please enter into the device manually and see if the device accept the settings. If not then please reply back to this posting for additional assistance. 


Thank you...