unhappy to pay 135 for one line.

Almost all lines on this plan are either lost or not being used. I really hope that Verizon hasnt moved my contract date without me knowing about it. I guess i cant do anything about that. Paying for things that i am not using is just crazy and i cant afford it. The only line i use is [Removed] that is it. i am not paying early term fee, after paying for lines not being used i cant afford to pay a early fee also. The policy that controls this contract must make you guys a fortune.

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Re: unhappy to pay 135 for one line.
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So you are saying you signed contracts and got discounts on phones for doing so, but now aren't using the lines but don't feel like you should be held to the 2 year agreement that you made with Verizon to get the discounts on the phones??

Re: unhappy to pay 135 for one line.

This is one of the reasons why Verizon did away with service contracts. People would open a new line of service in order to get a discounted phone and then complain they are forced to pay for a line they are not using due to the service contract. If they has simply paid for the phone at full retail cost, they would have saved money over paying for a line of service for 2 yrs which they would not be using. No one likes to listen to that logic, though, since the up front cost is so high.

I don't know if that is the reason you have more lines than you are using or it is because your children grew up, moved out of the house and opened up their own line of service or whatever. The fact remains you are in a 2 yr service contract due to the discount you received on a device. Fulfill the contract term and then cancel the line if you don't want to pay the ETF.