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How do I get the number of voice mails showing over the red Voice Mail Icon? In addition used to show then the messages (names and/or phone #). Now have to do *86 and listen to the long detail info about caller. My other Verizon phones (Samsung, Apple, LG) all have it with the way I am wanting.


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Having a notification on your voicemail is important, SCHMITZFAM. Whenever I get a new device I always dial *86 and go into preferences to make sure my voicemail notifications are enabled. That way we are sure not to miss any messages. Please go into your voicemail by dialing *86 and choose preferences and make sure notifications are on.
Once you have the notifications turned on, the voicemail will show the phone number. If you are interested in voice to text that would be the premium voicemail that you would need to sign up for at an additional charge.

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