vtext.com rejecting emails from PC

We send out text messages to our clients on a regular basis. We have been just using vtext.com and that has worked well. I am now seeing there are other options that I need to explore and I am working on that.

However, in the meantime, I am getting the following errors:

Too many recipients received this hour.  The MTA, XXXX, with IP address, XXXX, has a low reputation score. For more information see www.senderbase.org.32

I checked senderbase.org and our scores are fantastic. We regularly check our client list and typically have 99+% valid message delivery.

So while I'm going to move everything to an enterprise messaging type solution here shortly, I kind of need this to work in the short term. Any thoughts or ideas? Kindof frustrated that they just shut us off all of a sudden like with no notification at all. Our client base specifically chooses Verizon for their cell plans because it works so well with our service. And I cannot find any support numbers to call, email or chat with anyone about this... hoping someone from Verizon is monitoring this and can help! Or if anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to chat.



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