vtext no longer working from our smtp server

We use vtext for work alert text messages for our network monitoring system. vtext alerts have stopped working on messages coming from our smtp server. I am able to receive vtext messages from my yahoo email account, gmail account, and my work email account fine, but messages going through the smtp server designated for our alerts are not going through, although the logs on the smtp server show the messages being sent and accepted.  This is not working for any vtext.com recipients.  It works fine for alerts going to non vtext.com accounts.  Seems like our smtp server is being blocked by the vtext.com servers.

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Re: vtext no longer working from our smtp server
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Nss-svp, we want to make sure that your able to send and receive text messages without any issues. How long has this issue been going on? Do you get any errors when the message trys to send? Does it happening for all devices or just your device? Please keep us posted.
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