why cant my friend recieve my texts?

this started shortly after i got the galaxy s6 years ago, now i have the s9 for whatever reason my friend, who has an iphone(neither of us are really sure of the model anymore), cannot recieve my texts,

they dont recall ever blocking my number or anything, and they can text me, but i cannot respond unless i want to call them. but it is a tad inconvenient.    

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Re: why cant my friend recieve my texts?
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PETLOM97, making sure you're able to properly send and receive text messages on both ends is vital. Let's work together to get this issue corrected for you. To confirm, what texting application are you using on your Galaxy S9, the standard messages application or our Message+ application? 


To help address this issue, I would also recommend deleting your friend's number off your Galaxy S9 and that your friend also deletes your number. Please re-add your contacts into each separate phone and attempt to send a new text message. You may also reference our online Troubleshooting Assistant for additional steps at the link below. Keep us posted if anything changes and we'll be happy to continue to troubleshoot the issue with you if this persists. http://spr.ly/6588Ddmmp



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