why is it now so hard to attach a photo to a message?

I have not had the need to attach a photo to a message in Verizon Messenger plus or whatever it is called now since the most recent android update until today.  Whose idea was it to make these changes?  The simple paper clip, gallery, attach photo method has been replaced by the most idiotic multistep procedure that could have been devised.  Not only that, after being sent a video by Verizon tech support, my phone does not do what is described on the video.  The video shows the photo clearly visible in the message box.  On my Droid Turbo, I do not see the photo, just a tiny little blue dot.  I want to see what is in my message box  before I send it.  I tried the android messenger and have pretty much the same thing - no more easy paper clip to attach photos or files to a text message.  This is certainly not progress and I will no longer accept updates.

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