why is my Message screen blank on my Galaxy S7?

What's going on with Verizon and Message+? The screen is blank. Has been since noon-ish yesterday. Haven't been able to send or receive texts since then. Am I (and maybe others?) waiting for Verizon to issue a fix/update or is there something I could/should do to rectify this. I did the standard turn the phone off and restart to attempt to fix.

Any help/guidance will be appreciated.

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Refer to the following link as we had the same problem:

VZ Message+ App Not Responding

JOSFER95's suggestion fixed the issue for several of us.

I had luck by uninstalling the APP from the play store. Once uninstalled, an update option appeared that was not there before. I clicked it and it updated and reinstalled with all my messages still intact. I was afraid if used the clear data option from the application manager that it would erase all my current messages. Hope that helps and works for you as well.