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$199 Deductible for IPhone??

I tripped and fell, severely cracking my screen.  Since I pay more than $10 a month and have been for the last few years assuming that I could easily have my phone replaced or repaired, I call Verizon, whom I have been with for almost 20 years.  They tell me to call the insurance company.  I call, fill out their form and 2 hours after the 3 hour response promise I get an email asking me to complete my claim.  I go to do that and find out I am getting charged 199 to fix my phone.  Have you guys lost your mind?  I have given your guys 10 dollars a month for months and you have the nerve to charge me 200 dollars to fix my phone?  What type of low down scammy garbage is that??  It costs 50 bucks to fix a screen.  I could easily take it to someone to fix it and then upgrade to a new phone and still spend less money than that.  Do not sign up for this cruddy insurance.  It’s worthless.  This seriously has me considering other providers.  I am so disappointed in Verizon for associating with a company like that.  You guys are supposed to be the best.  Smh.

Re: $199 Deductible for IPhone??
Sr. Member

Yeah, that's how insurance works. I dunno why you're acting like Verizon has something to do with it, Asurion is who your complaints should be aimed at.

Just an FYI, Asurion also works with the other carriers. Next time read up on extra features you add instead of assuming your carrier is out to get you.

Re: $199 Deductible for IPhone??

I just tried to do this same thing.. repair a cracked screen with the $29 deductible. It came back asking for $199 for new device replacement. Our phones are different but when one of the questions asked me if "making and receiving calls or texts are affected" I answered "yes" only because where the screen is cracked, it covers the keys beneath a certain portion of the screen and that's where the answer key and keyboard is. All the keys are operable, just can't see them lol so I went back and redid the claim but selected "no calls or texts are affected" instead of yes like the first time and it worked.. it gave me the option to do both that time giving me the $29 repair deductible or $199 replacement deductible option. Not sure if you tried that but if not, it's worth a shot or for future reference.. it literally was as simple as answering the claim questions differently.. of course you have to be honest but the only reason calls and texts were affected on a cracked screen was because you couldn't see the keys lol the keys were operable other than that.