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Assurion Is a Scam/Fraud Service

Cracked the Screen on my Samsung SILVER Note 9 on 9/7, made a claim that day, was being pushed by assurion into a Device Replacement for $199, when all I need is the glass replaced for the $29 deductible option.  After being on the phone with them for an hour, I finally got my point across that I was not sending my phone in for a refurbished phone for $199, when I could take it to a local store that they work with for $29. 

While making my claim, I informed the claims agent on the phone my phone was Silver, he said they don't make a silver note 9, and offered me three choices (Blue, Black or Purple), I said if it's blue, it must be an extremely light blue, but went forward with that (mistake). 

Fast forward one week, I took my phone into UBreakIFix as that is a local store assurion contracts with, and they took my phone and fixed it, 2 hours later I went into get my phone and the guy there tells me they had to put the broken screen back on it (their words) as assurion denied the claim because my phone is silver and in the claim it's listed as blue.  The fix it place can't fix it, because they are a Samsung authorized repair shop, so they won't be able to send back the parts to Samsung with the wrong color label. 

2+ hours later of being on the phone with assurion, they tell me they can't help me because they don't insure Silver Note 9's, which I've now had for 23 months.  I thus, demanded from assurion, that I want my deductible back as well as my 23 months of premiums I paid since they are scamming my out of my monthly premiums and not providing the service I pay for, Fraud for sure.  

I then proceeded to contacted Verizon today as well, and they said they can't help me that assurion has to help me, even though the monthly premiums are paid to Version.  But assurion said "It doesn't work that way" when I requested a refund, and said I would need to talk to Verizon and they would transfer me (which instead they abruptly hung up on me). 

Also, i'm sure as heck not doing a phone replacement now, because if I send in my Silver Note 9, which I won't get a replacement for it would be a refurbished blue or some other refurbished phone in a different color, that they would then charge me full price for a Note 9 because the color of the phone I'd be sending in wouldn't be what they are putting down in their system.

Re: Assurion Is a Scam/Fraud Service
Sr. Member

I would have hung up and got another agent instead of agreeing knowing the phone isn't blue. All it took was a 5 second Google search to see Note 9's come in cloud Silver. 

Re: Assurion Is a Scam/Fraud Service

I would agree but after 2 additional hours on the phone today, Silver Note 9 is still not an option in their system. I was even on the phone with them moments ago with another agent, now i'm being directed towards a different department that opens at 7 am Central, so the saga continues tomorrow it looks like. They don't value people's time or business that's for sure.