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Asurion deductible is more than the cost of the phone when it was new

So I have a Motorola G6 stylist that has a cracked screen. I went to file a claim and I had to fill out a affidavit and submit all this paperwork. I called Asurion  to ask why, I needed to do this when in the past I never had to submit all this paperwork to file a claim. I only had to submit affidavit once, and they said that was needed due to the higher cost of the phone, find I can understand that. But when I talked to the phone rep they said signing and submitting all this paperwork has been around for a long time. I said I have done almost 10 claims with Asurion and only once have I ever needed to submit paperwork. I was told by the phone rep that well 80% of the time their systems will require paperwork on every claim 20% of they time they don't. So the rep said I must be lucky since I feel in that 20% so much. Really..... So when I go to file the claim I find the ductiable is more then what I paid for the phone brand new from Verizon. How is a base line Motorola phone have such a high dutiable.

So I also know that I have the screen replacement. Well come to find out that is on selected phones at selection locations and select times, so I guess based on where I live and the phone I have and it is a full moon my phone is not covered. But yet from Asurion I cannot get a list of devices that are covered. So it is just up to Asurion if they want to replace your screen or not. 

I have to admit that is the biggest issue of all is their screen replacement, they can set any threshold they want and change at will. So Verizon sold me on this insurance plan because of the screen replacement. At the time I was told all my lines were covered and I was in a correct location. But since Asurion can change those terms at any time they want and interperate them how every they please they can deny any screen replacement they want.

So long story short don't count on Asurion screen protection at all that is just a huge issue. The insurance itself is just an issue and shame on Verizon falsely selling insurance no one can use. I will be contacting Verizon to remove my insurance plans from all my lines and seeking as much as a refund as I can since the insurance I was sold was under lies. 


Re: Asurion deductible is more than the cost of the phone when it was new

Hey Verizon why did you change the title of the forum. Scared of the truth?