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After years and thousands of dollars spent for insurance that was never used, we cancelled our Total Mobile Protection on three lines, especially after their recent price increase.  We could have purchased a new flag ship phone every year for the price we paid in premiums.  Maybe it was worth it the first year or so but once your phone is older and practically worthless as a trade in, it makes no sense.

Re: Cancelled!

Well, yeah!

in my opinion insurance has never been a good idea. Even back in the days when it was $8.99. When you’re covering a $300 phone, $8.99 is over $200 over the course of two years.     If the phone is lost or destroyed they charged you $99 to replace it. So it was a break even for the insurance company.

We have been self insuring for years.  You’d be surprised how much money you can sock away toward the purchase of new phones if you save $10 per line every month.  Especially if you don’t often lose or damage phones, your little phone fund builds up quite quickly. It has allowed us to purchase new phones as often as we like paying full price.  We sold old ones on Swappa.  Or kept them around as a spare.

Re: Cancelled!

If you don't treat your phone like it was handled by an orangutan and are good at keeping track of it, all you need is a solid case.