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Deceptive Sales and Practice - File Complaint

I have been fighting this fight between Asurion and Verizon for almost a year now.  Last year, when I went to file a claim on a phone line that I KNOW I have filed claims on before, I was unable to do so because at some point I was sold the Total Mobile Protection plan to cover 3 devices of my choosing on the phone account.  I have multiple lines and my account is well over 10 years old.

I selected this package because they sold it to me telling me that it would benefit me and I could select which of the three lines I would like to have covered and they would register those lines when I filed claims under them.  This information is deceptive and WRONG.  If you have an existing account like mine, Asurion decides which lines to cover based on which lines you have previously filed a claim on.  They pick those lines and you don't get a choice at all.

After quite a bit of arguing last fall when I needed to file a claim, it was removed from my account and I had been told that the individual protection plans would be added to the lines that I wanted to have covered.  Fast forward to today and I can't file a claim on a line that is unsuspended as of today because it removed the insurance and I'm not allowed to add it back.  I'm told that I don't have coverage by Verizon employees but Asurion's employee are telling me I'm back in the total mobile protection plan that got added to my account when I removed the individual insurance plans.  Didn't realize I was doing that but apparently it happened.  Can't seem to get anyone on the phone at all who can help.

Seems that NONE of the verizon employees that I have talked to seem to understand that if you HAVE EVER filed a claim on a line that it will be the lines registered in the total mobile protection plan instead of the lines you want.  They say they can't register lines but Asurion says they can't.

I'm BEYOND frustrated and trying to figure out how to file a complaint with the office of the president. I've already found the link to file a complaint with the FTC which you apparently have to file with instead of FCC since it's not having to do with the actual service itself but an add on.

I'm posting this because I want to know how to file a complaint but I also want to make sure other people don't fall into this very deceptive trap I fell into and now can't seem to get out of.

Re: Deceptive Sales and Practice - File Complaint
Customer Support

We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing with our protection plans, sf295. When it comes to our Multi-Device Protection Plans, the first 3 lines that file a claim are the ones that are going to get registered for coverage. We would like to take a closer look at this matter, please send us a Private Note at your earliest convenience to better assist.