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How do I modify, not remove, Total Mobile Protection?

So, 2 lines on my account have Total Mobile Protection, the $15 a month protection plan. It came to my attention that there were other options available that offer me the protection I need without any added features or services that I don't for a lower price.

I'd like to know how to modify the mobile protection plans for specific devices on my account. Upon a bit of research, I was directed to the Apps and Products/Add-Ons page in MyVerizon account where I saw that while I was able to see and modify/remove Verizon Cloud, Ringback Tones, and Verizon ID, I couldn't see the Total Mobile Protection plan anywhere under the "Manage My Apps" tab for any of the lines I have it for.

I don't wish to remove the protection, simply modify it. I'm hoping that won't require me to cancel the protection and re-enroll with a different plan during the open-enrollment period. And I'd also like some clarity as to why although I can clearly see the Total Mobile Protection plans in my bill breakdown, with a direct link to the Product and Apps management page right under it, can I not see Total Mobile Protection plans on the management page I was linked to in order to modify or remove them like I can with literally every other add-ons I have on each line.

Re: How do I modify, not remove, Total Mobile Protection?

tmp saves you a lot of money if you need to replace the phone with a high deductible.

i've had the coverage on new verizon phones for almost 10 years & nver heard of items you can opt out of, or add to tmp.