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This is Insane, When I Heard the new Razr is coming out, as a Motorola Loyal customer bought it, well, it was the worst decision of my life since the phone is not manufacture correctly, first one the screen went bad after 3 days, paid 200 deductible since then the second one the outside screen went bad and it was hanging up my calls automatically, and now  this one the middle of the screen where it bends doesn't work and it overheated to the point where its now completely dead, I don't want a 4th one I told them give me any other phone but this one and they don't listen they are making me feel like I'm testing this phones for them sending me refurbished phones, I deserve an free upgrade or something other than this phone, Motorola has lost my respect and Verizon is one step from me switching and not paying them at all. Please share or comment if this has happened or something similar. Thanks.