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SPAM Calls and SPAM SMS Messages

I am sure that the issue that I am describing below is a very common issue that almost all mobile users are currently facing.

FCC & Communication companies were supposed to implement the STIR/SHAKEN standard by end of Sept/Oct 2021, despite of which the number of SPAM Calls and now SPAM SMS's have incerased.

I just now received a phone call on my mobile (line provided by Verizon). The calling number was 908-222-0097 and the call was from a company trying to sell me car warranty (at least that's what the message said). I spoke with the caller and asked them the name of the company that he was calling me from and he immediately hung-up the line. I then tried calling the number from my mobile (Verizon service) and got a message that the number was not active and is invalid., which begs that QUESTION as to why did Verizon forward the call to me from an invalid/unregistered number. My understanding is that STIR/SHAKEN standard is supposed to identify such type of calls and my  service provider (Verizon) should drop the call or provide me a indication that the calling number is invalid.

The only other option (which I can think of) is develop a phone application that can be configured with RULES that can identify such call (in real-time) and provide advanced filtering capabilities. This type of an APP can be developed by a joint partnership with Phone manufacturers and Mobile network providers. I have lot's of ideas and would like to challange the network providers to seriously consider developing such capabilities. 

This APP can extract numbers from each incoming call and dial the number (if it is not in my directory or a listed number). The call should be passed to me once the number is verified or it is in my Phone Directort (contact list).

A simlar APPLICATION can be developed for receiving/filtering SMS messages by inspecting the text and checking for embeded URL's certain KEYWORDs and quarantine SMS nmessages if they meet such criteria.

I would like feedback from other users and work with Verizon to come up with a solution.