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So, verizons insurance on phones doesnt cover non accidental issues?

So, I've been paying for total mobile protection thinking it would cover me if my phone had an issue.  Last night I went to bed, the phone worked.  This morning, I check it and it's dead.  It's off and won't turn on.  (BTW it's a pixel 4 xl.)  Holding the power button down for a while does nothing.  Tried all 3 buttons at once for a while, volume up and power for a while and volume down and power for a while.  Would not turn on.  So, I knew I've been paying for total mobile protect, so I took it to a Verizon store.  They tried all their tricks and couldn't get it to turn on.  Then they checked the warranty and told me it had a year warranty and I'm beyond a year.  I told them I'm paying for the total mobile protect and showed them.  They said to me that only covers if there's physical damage.  So, I said to her how about I go outside and throw it on the pavement and come back in?  She said it's assuron that handles that.  So, I went home and threw it on the cement a few times.  It's completely smashed up now.  But, then I called assuron and there's a $200 deductible.  For $400, I could pay off the phone and get the pixel 5.  So, I just paid the $400 and now the pixel 5 is being shipped.  But, going forward, is that how this works?  Total mobile protection doesn't cover manufacturer defects?  They really need to change the name to partial mobile protection.  

Re: So, verizons insurance on phones doesnt cover non accidental issues?
Sr. Member

Store reps are some of the most inept you'll ever deal with..smashing the phone was also completely irresponsible.

Your phone had a 1 year warranty from the factory. TMP adds an extended warranty that's handled by Verizon's tech dept over the phone as a replacement without a deductible.

To all reading, please take the time to call in instead of expecting store reps to know what they are talking about. Had OP called in instead of destroying the device on purpose, the replacement would have been free.

Re: So, verizons insurance on phones doesnt cover non accidental issues?
Customer Support

We understand how important it is to know your options for replacing your device. The insurance does cover the device it is lost/stolen, or damaged. If the phone is free of any physical, or liquid damage then you do have the 1 year manufacturer warranty. With Total Mobile Protection, you do have the extended warranty. You can find more information on the insurance here:


Re: So, verizons insurance on phones doesnt cover non accidental issues?

Just so you know it does not cover eSIMs Phones. If you only want to use ur eSIM in ur phone you will loose your Insurance. Verizon refused to cover phones that only use eSIMs. Thank god I found out before something I completed swapping out for an eSIM only on my iPhone. From now I will be getting Apple care + its the only time I didn't get it. I won't be making that mistake twice.