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Total Mobile Multi Device + $9/mo additional coverate

I have total mobile protection multi device on my plan of 9 phone lines.  We've reached the limit of 3 lines with claims but not 9 total claims.  Adding the additional coverage for other lines for $9 per month. Is that $9 total per month or $9 per month per other line?  Do I have to add it to all 9 lines?  Seems like 3 are still covered by the $39 plan.  Double insurance?  Verizon folks I've talked to can't give me clear answer.  3 people, 3 different answers.  Can't tell from my Next Bill Summary either.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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Re: Total Mobile Multi Device + $9/mo additional coverate
Customer Support

I realize how confusing it is to understand and be able to explain the multi-device insurance. Lucky for me, I have it all spelled out by Verizon in the Insurance and Equipment Protection page for you to check out in the link provided. What I know for certain is that you have coverage for 3 devices at $39.00 per month and each additional device is $9.00 to add on. That's a substantial saving to insure multiple devices. Please see all the details here:



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Re: Total Mobile Multi Device + $9/mo additional coverate
Sr. Member

It's all a scam with no real benefits. Total Mobile protection is $13 per line ($10 for budget phones). Three lines at $13 each is the same as that $39 bundle.

Total Equipment Coverage is the same thing (minus Asurion's tech support) for $9. If you opted into that insurance instead, it's cheaper at $9 from the start instead of $39 + $9