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Verizon Home Protect Doesn't cover their own products!!!!!!

Couldn't understand why Verizon thought it was necessary to provide mobile protection only if you pay for their home protect service. Finally got it down from $50 a month to $25 a month. But.... it won't cover phones you buy outside their network! Nor will it cover Jetpacks - any of them.  Despite the home protection add on screen displaying "Included" next to the jetpack I've been informed by three people its not covered. The most expensive item in  my account and it's not  covered.  I am so sick of Verizon's lack of customer service. Bait and switch tactics. Complete deceit and unwillingness to actually stand by their word.  I told a chat representative I wanted coverage for the devices on my Verizon account and I was assured that's what I was getting. $1000s of dollars later and not one of my devices is covered. What a complete rip off!!!! And despite the page showing that my verizon jetpack is "included" in the coverage it's not!!  Verizon you are becoming the worst company BY FAR that I've ever worked with. 

Re: Verizon Home Protect Doesn't cover their own products!!!!!!
Customer Support

Making sure you receive accurate information is important. We are here for your support. The Verizon Home Device Protect provides protection for your eligible home entertainment, home office, wearable, and smart home products, plus premium tech support with digital security features. 


The Verizon insurance plan - Verizon Mobile Protect covers your mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets that have a line on a Verizon mobile account. Devices covered by Verizon Mobile Protect aren't eligible for coverage under Verizon Home Device Protect.


These are two separate products and will provide coverage for different devices.


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