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Verizon and Asurion engaged cramming

After sharing an account with my father for several years I recently split off and established a separate account for the 4 phones in my immediate household.

At the time of the transaction I realized we had been paying for *years* for "mobile protection" on two of the lines to the tune of $15/mo/each.  The verizon agent who handle the account transfer assured me these would not be included in the new account.

Lo and behold, first new bill comes in and there is the $30 for combined mobile protection.  Naturally you can't cancel this service on the website (although they are more than happy to let you sign up that way).  I used the chat option, went through the process of canceling and retained the transcript of the conversation.

Next bill, now I have to charges for $17/each for Total Mobile Protection -- a combined $34 charge I did not ask for.  Now I call, recording the call with the agent (who is actually with Asurion).  He assures me that the charges are removed -- but naturally they do not provide any email or other confirmation that this has occurred.  I'm told if I hold I can speak to someone else for a credit -- I wait on hold for a long while and eventually hang up.  I'll try again.

Bottom line is this:  I have now asked to remove this service 3 times.   Verizon makes it difficult to cancel the service, and Asurion intentionally obfuscates the entire process.  I'm sure the agent for Asurion that handles my call is incentivized to "save" accounts and either is an intentionally lax process to capture customer cancel requests so they can claim the "don't have any record" of prior cancelation requests.

Now I usually buy AppleCare.  It does what it is supposed to do.  I have heard lots of bad press about Asurion denying claims.   I don't care -- I just don't want it.

If anyone from Verizon or Asurion wants to contact me, you have my number.  Contact with FCC, FTC and State AG is my next step, with transcripts of my cancelation attempts.

Re: Verizon and Asurion engaged cramming

Just cancel from your My Verizon account. You definitely can remove features from the site, app as well.

Re: Verizon and Asurion engaged cramming

How? It doesn't even show up in my account. The only place I can see TOTAL MOBILE PROTECT MULTI-DVC is when I ask to see the changes to my bill.

I've been happy with Verizon for years. But if they are going to start this garbage, I'm not sticking around.

Re: Verizon and Asurion engaged cramming

So the lesson is read your bill.  Ever wonder what’s on your credit card bill?  Or do you just pay it.  🍭

fyi, you will nit get a call from Verizon 

Re: Verizon and Asurion engaged cramming

Download the My Verizon app.  Look under account features where TMP MD is located and remove the feature.  It will remove them from everyone's line on your account.

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Re: Verizon and Asurion engaged cramming
Customer Support

You can remove Total Device Protection from your line(s) at any time from the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon. *Joshua

Re: Verizon and Asurion engaged cramming

Absolutely not true, yes there is an option to remove, but then all I get is 

"We encountered an error while processing your request" with a sad face.  They got the said face correct for sure.  

I agree with the poster that some form of cramming is going on.  NO agent wants to remove this.  I'm now two months into trying to get my Multi-Device removed.  At first the agent removed and gave me a credit, then without any prompt from me a few weeks later my credit was reserved and I received a Welcome to Mobile protect email.  And so far no agent, submit a ticket, or chat can help me.  All I can figure is at this point is to cancel my three line account.