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Verizon ignores order for total equipment protection - any recourse?

The short version: New phone, ordered equipment replacement coverage, Verizon messed up by not implementing it, and is now refusing to even look at my documentation that I ordered it.

Long version:

Scenario: 3 phones on account. Phone 1 and Phone 2 are grandfathered with unlimited data. Phone 3 has a 2 gig a month plan. If we upgrade Phone 1 or Phone 2 using the discount, we lose the unlimited data. And in fact we've replaced phone 1 once already, paying full price, to keep that plan.

Last November, after discussion with VZW representative online, we ordered a new phone (iPhone 6) using Phone 3's upgrade, and switched it for use for Phone 2's line before activating. I could swear we ordered total equipment coverage.

2 days ago, that phone was stolen. We've bricked it of course, and are in the process of doing all the password changes.

I called VZW and found out the following:

- The insurance goes with the line, not the phone (so in theory we were insuring the old, still-in-use phone on line 3), and

- We didn't have insurance on it anyway.

I was surprised, as we always carry the equipment replacement on a new smartphone for a year or more. Oh well, expensive mistake.

THEN, I checked my email - and I have the original emailed receipt showing I'd ordered Total Equipment Coverage at 9.99 a month. I even have a brochure dealing with that, that arrived with the phone.  No good, says VZW, we can't find any record of your account being charged, and too bad, so sad, how about changing your plan to get rid of that pesky unlimited data and get a peachy-keen new phone by using your upgrade and you'll save a couple dollars a month (seriously - less than 10 dollars a month).

As it happens, the bill had been about what I expected all these months because I thought I'd dropped the coverage on my older phone (roughly the same cost) - so I was paying for the older phone and NOT the newer one.

I spent an hour in a Verizon store, with a printout of the receipt. Nope, they don't care. Part of that hour was on the phone with a customer disservice rep who actually sent me over to an Asurion rep, who made noises about being able to help me, and sent me over to another Asurion rep, who basically said "Nope, you're out of luck".

I had to leave at that point, but spent most of an hour on the phone with another customer service rep, who REALLY pushed the "get rid of that pesky unlimited data plan and get a shiny new phone FOR FREE except for that activation fee and why would you want to pay the deductible anyway when you're not really using all that much data, and no, we aren't going to let you send us your email receipt because we don't feel like honoring that service request".

Yes, they literally refused to provide me with a method of forwarding or faxing the receipt, because their customer service centers are all decentralized.

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Re: Verizon ignores order for total equipment protection - any recourse?
Sr. Leader

What matters is if you have statements showing you were paying (not just ordered) insurance in the phone.  No pay, no insurance.   It is your responsibility to check your statements.   Unfortunately, you did not have insurance on this phone on the line it was being used.  When you switch upgrades, you must keep track of what is where.