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Verizon insurance is not worth it. Beware!

We have been paying $17 per month for six months for insurance on my daughters brand new iPhone.  The back of the phone recently cracked and we filed a claim to find that THAT part of the phone is not covered.  Unbelievable.  What good is this insurance if it won't cover the damage!  There goes $102 I will never see again.  Cancelling the insurance and not happy with Verizon wireless.  We found a Verizon dealer who will fix it for us for $70.  I guess now we know it's not worth buying the insurance when you can find places to fix these things much cheaper.  

Re: Verizon insurance is not worth it. Beware!
Customer Support

Hello, cherylbiz. We do appreciate you taking the time to share this with us here. We are very sorry to hear about the experience that you had when reaching out to Asurion (our insurance provider) on your options for having the back of this iPhone repaired. We also deeply apologize for any expectations that may have been provided to you on what options for repairs that Asurion has for fixing damages to devices. Asurion is able to provide cracked screen repairs. Regrettably, they do not have options for fixing the back part of the device. In the event where an insurance claim is made for a device with Asurion that has damage to the back of the device, the best course of action is to have a replacement device sent out. Please understand that Asurion does operate outside of Verizon Wireless and is the partner of many other cellular service providers as well. We are happy to hear that the device has been repaired outside of these means. If you do have any further inquiries, we certainly are happy to assist with them here. -Brett