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Warranty Coverage


I had an issue with my phone not keeping a charge (only the dead battery sign would flash but the phone would never turn on), took it in to the Verizon store, and the customer service rep couldn't get it to work either.  I pay the monthly fee for the warranty, so she told me that instead of doing a insurance claim that we would file it under the warranty because it would be covered for free.  It's important to note that my phone did have a slight crack in the screen, it was purely cosmetic and the rep herself said it obviously wasn't the problem because the dead battery symbol was still flashing across the screen and I'd had the crack for over a month and the phone worked fine.  The rep put in a request and I was shipped a replacement phone and mailed my old one back.    a month and my Verizon bill is showing a charge for $329, I was charged for the phone because of the crack in the screen.  I called Verizon twice, the first time not getting through, the wait times are horrible because of the hurricane.  When I finally spoke to the rep she informed me that the rep at the store had left no notes and that my phone should have been filed as an insurance claim, even though I pay for the warranty every month, because the screen was broken.  She informed me that if I wanted it  as a warranty I would have had to get the screen fixed first. She put me on hold for a couple minutes and said she would be able to reduce the charge to the $150 insurance fee. I didn't feel like I should have to pay anything because all these issues should have addressed by the rep in the store and not once was I told any of this.  I personally found the entire situation that much more unprofessional because the rep had made no notes at the store about my issue with the phone so there was absolutely no clarity on what issues my phone was having to be turned in and the charging issue is actually electrical which is covered under my warranty.  I informed the customer service rep I didn't feel like I should have to pay the insurance fee at all because my issue is covered under the warranty and I also felt they should honor the word of the rep at the store since the entire situation led back to an error of her knowledge of Verizon procedure.  I then asked to speak to an available manager.  I was then placed on a hold and then spoke with Renaldo, a manager.  He had spoken with rep before getting on the phone with me and had decided that he was only going to charge me the $29 screen replacement fee.  I informed him it wsn't about the money at the point.  I'd wasted over two hours on the phone for a conversation that should have taken place at the Verizon store and that the word of the employee should be honored.  Renaldo didn't care at all about what I thought, refused to stop speaking so I could tell him my issues, and said said he was sorry that Verizon would be losing my business because I didn't like their customer service.  Renaldo charged me $29 and Verizon is losing a customer because they can't honor their word or provide the type of customer service that I think is deserved for the price I pay every month.

Re: Warranty Coverage

cracked screens have never been covered by assurion.

Re: Warranty Coverage

@bearone21 wrote:

cracked screens have never been covered by assurion.


From  Device Protection FAQs


How do I have my screen repaired?

During the claims process, you'll be asked a series of questions to determine if your device is eligible for cracked-screen repair.

Eligibility is determined through the claims process. It depends on the type of smartphone and extent of damage (cracked front screen only). Screen repairs will be completed using original manufacturer parts as soon as the same day.

If eligible, you'll be offered at least one of the following options to complete the repair:

  • At an authorized repair location
  • By a remote technician
  • Through a mail-in process

All these options may not be available, and option availability is determined at the time of claim approval.

You can check your eligibility for cracked-screen repair on Asurion's website.

Re: Warranty Coverage
Sr. Leader

@bearone21 wrote:

cracked screens have never been covered by assurion.

That’s the second time you posted that.  It’s incorrect.  Asurion is Insurance and it covers anything and everything.  Broken, software failure, lost, stolen, cracks and chips, screen burn in - anything. 

Warranty is void if there is damage.  Any tiny scuff or crack.  Water intrusion.  Any damage.  

This is universal.  So remember for your new carrier.