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Calls from "0" on family base

I have family base for my kids' phones and on just one phone we have seen calls from "0".  We've had problems with this number since the beginning getting calls from bill collectors from the previous owner and other various calls, but this "0" call bothers me because it does not show up in the listing on the Verizon site, nor does it show up in the listing of the phones actual calls.  And twice it says the calls lasted for 3 minutes.  The last time it said the call lasted 3 minutes and the phone was turned off in the room with me so I know that was not possible.  Can anyone explain this to me.  Thanks for any help!

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Re: Calls from "0" on family base
Customer Support

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, tmomme. What's the make & model of the device that this is happening with? Is there a specific time when you receive these calls or is it all throughout the day?


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Re: Calls from "0" on family base

Hi. It is an iPhone 4. The phone has only been active since late November or early December 2015. The calls never show on the phone call log or on the Verizon website call log, just the familybase. The times are as follows

January 1st 7:01pm 3 minutes

January 15th 9:08am 4 sec

January 15th 9:08am 35 sec

January 15th 9:08am 7 sec

January 15th 10:22am 3 minutes

January 17th 6:45pm 6 sec

January 17th 6:46pm 39 sec

We added 3 lines at the same time in late Nov/early Dec., but this is the only one that is receiving these calls. We had trouble with this phone getting activated, and had to be giving a different number and since turning it on this phone has also been receiving calls from the previous owners bill collectors etc several times daily some days. I'm just concerned this is someone still using this number somehow and we may get billed.

Thanks for any help

Re: Calls from "0" on family base

I have the same problem on a iPhone 5s

Calls from 0 3 min on March 1 2016 5:55 but it is only on my family base and one on March 14 at 8:59 and it dose not show up on anything other then family base . Can some one please fill me in on this matter