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Harrassing Calls Using My Cell Phone Number as the Calling Number

I have a one year old Droid Turbo.  For months I have been receiving harassing phone calls from a foreign speaking person who claims he is an IT Technician working for a company contracted by Microsoft claiming that my home network is being hacked and he can help stop it.  This is clearly a fraudulent call and I continue to reject his calls.  Recently, however, the calls made by this person shows up as my cell phone number (i.e., the calling number that appears on my cell phone is +1 and my cell phone number).  I logged into my VZ Wireless online account in order to block "+1 my cell phone number".  However, I get an error message that basically states I can't block a number that is in my family plan.  Subsequently I went to the local VZ Wireless store and a Representative was creative enough to create a contact entry called "Blocked Call" with "+1 and my cell phone number" and had this number transferred to somewhere perhaps my voice mail (but nothing shows up in my voice mail when I check missed calls and this person has tried to call me again).  Unfortunately, this caller was able to bypass the transfer that was put on my cell phone number and the call came through.  I just let the call ring through without me answering it.

Has VZ Wireless IT heard of this type of harassing calls whereby the caller is able to reflect my cell phone number as the number that is calling me?  How can I stop these calls?

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Re: Harrassing Calls Using My Cell Phone Number as the Calling Number
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Oh goodness! I can definitely imagine that getting these calls have been beyond annoying. I know I actually got one myself not too long ago. I knew it was a scam call, so I didn't think to much of it. Unfortunately, there isn't too much that we can do to stop them. Blocking the number is what we would normally recommend, but that has already been done. There are many different apps that can be used to call someone with a "spoofing" number. In these type of situations, sometimes the best thing to do, is to tell the caller that you will be contacting the authorities. This is how I got mine to stop.

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Re: Harrassing Calls Using My Cell Phone Number as the Calling Number

this guy keeps calling and texting me to stop calling him, he calls me an "XXXXX" (the system won't let me say the word) and says he's sending my number to spam.  I did a reverse look up on his number and he's a 51 year old dude who lives in north carolina.  I blocked him but I'm sure he's doing this to others, too .  It was frightening and took a bunch of time checking to make sure I didn't call him and looking him up.  Can't we do something about this guy?   Per whitepages he is Zenobia *****, phone number is *****.  The only way I know he's a guy is because I answered his call the first time. 

Re: Harrassing Calls Using My Cell Phone Number as the Calling Number

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